How to Hold On to Happiness 0 (0)

Love God, love others. It is clear from the tributes paid to Joan during her funeral service that she and George took this mission seriously. Liam challenged us all that we should do the same, following in their footsteps. It’s a good challenge! Many of us are engaged in ministry and service to others each week. But God needs all of his Salvation Army to be mobilised.

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We Remember 0 (0)

As we sacrifice ourselves to give and to serve others, our sacrifice – like those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in world wars and conflicts since – is a dim picture of the ultimate sacrifice given for us by Jesus Christ. It is good to remember what he has done for us too.

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Misplaced or Lost? 0 (0)

When we misplace something, it’s because it is not valuable to us. When we lose something, we will search until we find it, because it is so valuable to us. God loves and values each of us so much that he will seek and find us. All we must do is accept his love.

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