Battle Ready Salvation Army Sermons Online Podcast
With Rob Westwood-Payne

A Sermon Podcast to Enrich Your Faith.

Embarking on the enriching journey of a sermon podcast can be a life-changing experience, not just for the listener but also for the one sharing the divine insights. When it comes to capturing hearts and minds, the Battle Ready Sermon Podcast does it best never to fail to nail it. Overwhelming testimonies are told by families, communities, and individuals who have been sculpted and reshaped by words of truth and wisdom, all delivered with authenticity.

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The Story Behind Battle Ready Sermon Podcast.

As contemporary life becomes more complex, the need for guidance rooted in time-tested wisdom becomes even more paramount. That is what we hope sets the Battle Ready Sermon Podcast apart. Its harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern applicability provides listeners with an invaluable resource. It empowers them in their daily walk, helping them transcend challenges, and ultimately guiding them along their unique spiritual journey with its captivating sermon podcast experience.

Battle Ready Salvation Army Sermons Online Podcast

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Meet Your Host

rob westwood-payne preaching for a sermon podcast

Rob is committed to Christian leadership within the Salvation Army. A servant of faith, Rob is persistently dedicated to practising and manifesting Christian values in his everyday life.

Being an Officer in the Salvation Army, Rob’s role goes far beyond carrying out orders. Instead, his actions aim towards a broader vision of serving humanity, reflecting the desire to create a world where everyone is valued, cared for, and given equal opportunities.


Rob Westwood-Payne

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