Battle Drill Salvation Army Daily Devotional Podcast
With Rob Westwood-Payne

A Podcast for Boosting Faith.

Our Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast invites you to explore the sanctity of the scriptures in a fresh, immersive format. Each daily devotional podcast episode is designed to inspire reflection and impart depth to your spiritual journey. Join us as we dive into thought-provoking passages, illuminating their relevance to our modern lives.

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The Story Behind Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast.

The Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast is a unique platform where you can tune in to immerse yourself in spiritual nourishment. Derived from various scriptures, this daily devotional podcast is designed to enhance and strengthen your spiritual journey each day.

Battle Drill Salvation Army Daily Devotional Podcast

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Working for God: Fulfilling Our Purpose in Daily Life

#WorkForGod #FulfillYourPurpose #ServeDiligentlyDiscover the joy of serving God diligently and using your talents to fulfil your purpose in work and daily life. Join us on this spiritual journey to understand the significance of the parable of the talents and find fulfillment in working for God. Engage with like-minded professionals and…
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Meet Your Host

rob westwood-payne preaching

Rob is committed to Christian leadership within the Salvation Army. A servant of faith, Rob is persistently dedicated to practising and manifesting Christian values in his everyday life.

Being an Officer in the Salvation Army, Rob’s role goes far beyond carrying out orders. Instead, his actions aim towards a broader vision of serving humanity, reflecting the desire to create a world where everyone is valued, cared for, and given equal opportunities.


Rob Westwood-Payne

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