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3 Leadership & Productivity Articles to Read This Weekend – 9 December 2022

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It’s hard to stay on top of the many leadership and productivity articles published each week. To help you become the best leader possible, here are three articles I found helpful this week:

6 Ways to Lead with Heart by Dan Rockwell

“Lead with heart to get above the fog.”

How To Avoid One of the Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make in Leading Change by Scott Cochrane

“To introduce significant change, leaders must know when and how to cash in their “change chips”. Leaders possess a certain number of ‘change chips’, made up of credibility, respect, authority, good will and other essential leadership ingredients. You pick up change chips every time you keep your word, share credit with the team, achieve a key goal, and so on. When it’s time to introduce change, it’s these “credibility chips” that you must cash in. As long as you have plenty of chips to cash in, change can be easy. But when you’re out of chips, you’re out of luck.”

7 Easy Morning Rituals To Jump Start Your Day by Lolly Daskal

“Among other traits, it takes strength and stamina to be a great leader. Some days can be difficult, and sometimes you have to work hard to find motivation. To make sure you’re up for whatever the day brings, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make your morning a strong start. Set yourself up for a productive day by adopting some (or all!) of these simple, but effective morning habits.”

Thanks for reading with me. If you discovered an enlightening, must-read leadership or productivity link recently, drop me a line and share!

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash