Don’t Brag About Your Busyness at Christmas (Part 1)



When it comes to stress in Christian ministry, Christmas is the time of year it hits the most. But there are two reasons why we shouldn’t brag about it. I am sharing one this week, with another to follow in next week’s post.

I was prompted to write this post by two colleagues who once tweeted that for many pastors, stress in Christian ministry, particularly at Christmas appeared to be a badge of honour for some. One suggested that acting as if everything depends on us is, in fact, a form of idolatry. For those two reasons alone, I think we should stop bragging about how busy we are at this time of year.

The Status Symbol of Stress

For many people, being hectic and stressed and feeling overworked and overwhelmed by demands both at work and at home, is seen as a status symbol and a sign of success. It gives us a sense of pride. And we are tempted sometimes, to brag about it and present it as a badge of honour. We tell the world we’re working long, long hours every day of December, without a break until Boxing Day. The problem is that who we become whilst we are so busy is something not to brag about. We can’t function at a high level by working long hours day after day without a break. We end up being grumpy, or we get sick. And we give our families the leftovers after we’ve given most of ourselves to everyone else.

Logging in long hours and then complaining about not having time to ourselves is sinful pride. But working like this, even during the Christmas season is often unproductive and leaves us feeling inadequate. If we’re working this way, then we need to do something about it now.

Worshipping and Honouring God in our Christmas Work

There is no doubt that Christmas is a busy time for those in Christian ministry. But just like any other time in the year, the most important thing is to ensure that in all we do and who we are during this season, we are worshipping and honouring God.

If this has been helpful, please check back next week for Part 2. God bless you!

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

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