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Personal Growth

These personal growth articles seek to equip you in your growing walk with Christ. Personal growth is an ongoing process. We should never stop learning. We are continually learning and growing stronger in our relationship with God and in our love for others.

Personal growth takes commitment, vision, and understanding the Bible. These personal growth articles aim to support you on your journey. They will help you to equip and grow other disciples who in turn go out to equip and disciple yet others.

Now more than ever the world needs disciples that truly practice repentance, who allow their lives to be continually transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and who are becoming consistently equipped for a better life.

I pray these personal growth articles will help you as you seek to follow Jesus more closely every day.

The Mothering Love of God

Come with me now on an adventure into the world of biblical motherhood and discover how this relationship with our heavenly Father can change your life forever!

Reasons To Be A Good Conversationalist

God’s Kingdom is based on relationships, on connection. You and I are connected with God and we are connected with each other. And part of that friendship – that being a family – is talking, it’s good conversation.

Choosing to Love

Jesus commands us to love God and to love others. You cannot command something that just happens. So love isn’t uncontrollable. It’s a choice. It’s a commitment.

How to Hold On to Happiness

Love God, love others. It is clear from the tributes paid to Joan during her funeral service that she and George took this mission seriously. Liam challenged us all that we should do the same, following in their footsteps. It’s a good challenge! Many of us are engaged in ministry and service to others each week. But God needs all of his Salvation Army to be mobilised.

The Thrill of Hope

The season leading up to Christmas – Advent – is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in hope. We can wait in certain hope knowing that God will always fulfil his promises to us.

We Remember

As we sacrifice ourselves to give and to serve others, our sacrifice – like those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in world wars and conflicts since – is a dim picture of the ultimate sacrifice given for us by Jesus Christ. It is good to remember what he has done for us too.

Breaking Free from the Past

Following Jesus requires us to break free from the destructive patterns of our past and living out the purpose God has for our lives. Sometimes, we need to go back to move forward.

Misplaced or Lost?

When we misplace something, it’s because it is not valuable to us. When we lose something, we will search until we find it, because it is so valuable to us. God loves and values each of us so much that he will seek and find us. All we must do is accept his love.

We Have a Duty to Look After the Good Gifts God Gives Us

In the northern hemisphere we are in the middle of the harvest season, an opportunity to thank God, the Giver of Life and the Giver of Joy for all he provides for us. As we do so, we explore the redemption of creation. Our climate is in “code red” crisis. Can it be saved? And as God’s people, what can we do to help?

Don’t Mention the War!

Sometimes we might wish Jesus hadn’t talked about money. But he did. So we must too. Jesus longs for us to find financial freedom as we build the future with him.

The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

The death of Queen Elizabeth II leaves many of us feeling disoriented, as if everything has changed in an instant. The Bible reminds us that we continue to have a constant in our lives. Jesus is the same, whatever circumstances we face.