How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time with God

how to have a consistent quiet time


Learn how to have a consistent quiet time with God by making a promise, scheduling it in your calendar, and committing to daily quiet time. Cultivate a deeper connection with God and experience his presence in your life.

Introduction: How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time with God

Last week we looked at how to begin and shape a quiet time with God. Whether you know how to do that or not, many Christians struggle with making our quiet time with God consistent. So let’s look at how to have a consistent quiet time with God:

Make a Promise to God

Having a consistent quiet time with God starts with making a promise to him. Committing to spend regular, uninterrupted time with God is a way of showing him that you value your relationship with him. Take a moment to reflect on the importance of this commitment and make a promise to prioritise your quiet time with God.

Put it in Your Calendar

I often joke that “if it’s not in my diary, it’s not happening!” But there is some truth in that. So, one practical way to ensure consistency in your quiet time is by scheduling it in your calendar. Treat this time as a sacred appointment with God. Just as you would prioritise other important commitments, block off a specific time each day to spend with him. By doing so, you are making a deliberate choice to make your quiet time a priority. Otherwise, other commitments simply crowd out your quiet time with God.

Commit to Having a Daily Quiet Time for at Least Two Months

Consistency is key when it comes to developing a habit. Challenge yourself to have a daily quiet time with God for at least two months. Studies show it takes at least this long to form a new habit. It takes time to get used to doing something new, and it takes even longer for the discipline of doing it consistently to become second nature. So this timeframe allows you to establish a routine and experience the benefits of spending regular time with him. Remember, it takes time for a habit to become ingrained, so be patient with yourself as you develop this spiritual discipline.

Depend on God

I have discovered that when it comes to having a consistent daily devotional time, willpower is not enough. I need God’s power to help me keep the discipline needed. God wants you to spend time with him. So ask him to help you. The devil is going to try and get you off track and distract you. Only God’s power can combat that and help you become consistent about having a daily quiet time.

Having a consistent quiet time is not just about checking off a box on your to-do list. It is about cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with God. As you spend time in his presence, depend on him for guidance, strength, and wisdom. Trust that he will meet you in your quiet time and use it to transform your heart and mind.

How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time with God: Carve Out Time Today

Take a moment to reflect on your current schedule and identify a specific time slot that you can dedicate to your quiet time with God. Whether it’s early in the morning, during your lunch break, or before you go to bed, make a commitment to carve out this time each day.

Conclusion: How to Have a Consistent Quiet Time with God

Consistency is key in developing a meaningful and transformative relationship with God. Remember, having a consistent quiet time with God is not about perfection, but about making a deliberate effort to prioritise your relationship with him. By making a promise, scheduling it in your calendar, committing to daily quiet time, and depending on God, you can cultivate a deeper connection with him and experience his presence in your life.

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How can I have a consistent quiet time with God?

Make a promise, schedule it in your calendar, and commit to daily quiet time.

Why is having a consistent quiet time important?

Consistent quiet time allows you to deepen your relationship with God, find peace and guidance, and grow spiritually.

What are some practical tips for making a promise to have consistent quiet time?

Start by setting a specific time, choose a quiet location, eliminate distractions, and make it a priority in your daily routine.

How can I schedule my quiet time in my calendar effectively?

Set a regular time slot each day and treat it as a non-negotiable appointment with God. Use reminders or alarms to help you stay committed.

What should I do during my quiet time with God?

You can read and reflect on scripture, pray, journal, meditate, worship, or engage in any activity that helps you connect with God and seek spiritual nourishment.

What if I struggle to stay consistent with my quiet time?

Start with small achievable goals, seek accountability and support from a friend or a faith community, and be gentle with yourself if you miss a day or two.

Can I have a consistent quiet time if I have a busy schedule?

Yes, it’s possible. Prioritise your time, be intentional, and consider incorporating shorter but focused quiet moments throughout your day.

How long should my quiet time be?

The duration of your quiet time is flexible and personal. Start with a reasonable timeframe that works for you, whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour.

Are there any resources or apps that can help me have a consistent quiet time?

Yes, there are various devotionals, Bible study apps, and meditation apps available that can provide structure, guidance, and inspiration for your quiet time.

How can having a consistent quiet time impact other areas of my life?

Consistent quiet time can bring peace, clarity, and spiritual growth, which can positively influence your relationships, decision-making, and overall well-being.

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