Living in Light of the Resurrection

living in light of the resurrection


Explore the transformative power of the resurrection and how it brings hope to our lives. This Easter we delve once again into the depths of despair and ascend to the heights of new creation. Discover what it means to truly be living in light of the resurrection and embrace the dawn of a new day. Find practical ways to embody the Easter message and experience God’s renewing work in your life. Join our community on this journey towards hope and the promise of a new creation.


No matter when Easter falls in March or April, I think I have always seen it as a changing of the seasons from winter to spring. This year in the UK we have the added bonus of the start of British Summer Time coinciding with Easter Sunday!

The changing seasons remind us of the constant promise of hope that lies at the heart of our faith. It is a hope not born of our own efforts, but rather a gift that springs from the transformative power of Jesus’ resurrection.

This weekend, we have the opportunity to once more explore the depths of despair and to ascend to the heights of new creation.

Unravelling the Mystery of Faith

In any whodunnit, there comes a moment of clarity as the last piece of the jigsaw falls into place and the culprit is revealed. In the same way, Jesus’ resurrection is the pivotal event that draws together God’s story. Our faith reaches its full meaning in the light of Christ’s victory over sin and death. Much of what Jesus commands us to do as his followers can only be understood in the context of his resurrection power.

The Journey from Despair to Hope

This Easter, just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus experienced the transition from the sunset of despair to the sunrise of understanding, we are invited to turn our gaze from death to resurrection. We are invited to take the transformative journey once more, receiving for ourselves the ancient promise that through Jesus’ resurrection, all sadness will be reversed and a future of hope can be realised.

Living in Light of the Resurrection

Take some time this Easter weekend to reflect on what it means to truly live in the hope of the resurrection. Our longing for spirituality, joy, justice, relationships, and beauty are only fully satisfied in the new creation sparked by Jesus’ resurrection. We are challenged to embody this Easter message by overcoming the sin in our lives, and continuing to see our world through the lens of God’s new day.

Embracing the Dawn

As we share the powerful truths of Easter this weekend, I invite each one of you to consider one practical way you can live out the resurrection hope in your daily life. Perhaps it’s through a renewed commitment to forgive, a conscious effort to serve others, or simply a decision to approach each day with an expectation of God’s renewing work in your life.

Join the Journey

This Easter, let’s be inspired and align our lives with the resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead. Together, we will share in this journey towards hope and the promise of a new creation.

Battle Ready Sermon Series: Scandal

Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week:

This week on the Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast, we focus on living our lives in the power of the resurrection. Each weekday we share hope and encouragement as we read and study the Bible together.

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How can living in the light of the resurrection transform our lives?

Embracing the resurrection offers hope, renewal, and a fresh perspective on life, empowering us to live with purpose and joy.

What does it mean to live in the light of the resurrection?

Living in the light of the resurrection means embracing the transformative power of Christ’s victory over death, allowing it to guide our actions, thoughts, and attitudes.

How can faith in the resurrection bring hope into our lives?

Faith in the resurrection reminds us that even in our darkest moments, God’s love and power can bring hope, restoration, and new beginnings.

How does living in the light of the resurrection impact our relationships?

Living in the light of the resurrection encourages us to love others selflessly, forgive, and seek reconciliation, mirroring Christ’s example and fostering healthy, meaningful connections.

How can the resurrection inspire us to make a positive difference in the world?

Recognising the resurrection’s transformative power motivates us to serve others, promote justice, and bring God’s love to those in need, contributing to the flourishing of our communities.

What role does the resurrection play in overcoming fear and anxiety?

The resurrection reminds us that God is with us, offering comfort, strength, and peace, enabling us to face our fears and anxieties with faith and courage.

How can living in the light of the resurrection impact our perspective on suffering and hardship?

Living in the light of the resurrection assures us that our present sufferings are not in vain, as God’s power can bring beauty, redemption, and eternal glory even in the midst of our trials.

How does the resurrection impact our understanding of death?

The resurrection assures us of life beyond death, offering comfort, hope, and the promise of eternal life in Christ, transforming our perspective on mortality.

How can we deepen our faith in the resurrection?

Deepening our faith in the resurrection involves seeking God through prayer, studying Scripture, participating in worship, and surrounding ourselves with a supportive faith community.

How does living in the light of the resurrection lead to personal transformation?

Living in the light of the resurrection invites us into a transformative journey of becoming more Christ-like, as we surrender our old ways, embrace new life, and allow God’s love to shape us from within.

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