Our Confidence in Jesus, the Mighty God

confidence in Jesus


Gain unshakeable confidence in Jesus as we explore his powerful divinity.


As we continue to walk through the season of Advent and prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christmas, it is important to reflect on the significance of Jesus as the Mighty God and the titles of Christ. In the book of Isaiah, we see how Isaiah’s audience had experienced great tragedy and destruction at the hands of opposing forces and nations. In the midst of their despair, Isaiah used his words to remind them of God’s promise to care for them through the Messiah, the King.

Hope and Reassurance

Isaiah’s message gives us hope and reassurance that Jesus, as the Mighty God, will lead us and preserve us now and forever. In a world filled with uncertainty, we can have confidence in Jesus as our ultimate source of strength and protection.

The title “Mighty God” emphasises Jesus’ divine nature and power. He is not just a human king, but the King of Kings who has the authority to reign over all creation. This truth should fill us with awe and reverence, knowing that the same God who created the universe is the one who watches over us and guides our steps.

Placing Our Confidence in Jesus

During this Advent season, let us remember the significance of Jesus’ birth. He came into the world as a humble baby, but his purpose was to bring salvation and restoration to a broken world. As we celebrate Christmas, let us be reminded of the hope we have in Jesus, the Mighty God who conquered sin and death.

In our daily lives, we may face challenges and uncertainties, just like Isaiah’s audience. However, we can find comfort and strength in knowing that Jesus is with us every step of the way. Our confidence in him to preserve us now and forever is critical. He is our refuge, our rock, and our source of unwavering hope.

Advent – A Time to Deepen Our Trust

May this season of Advent and Christmas be a time of deepening our trust in Jesus, the Mighty God. Let us lean on him, seek his guidance, and allow his love to guide our lives. May our confidence in Jesus shine brightly, drawing others to experience the same hope and assurance that we have found in him.

Key Takeaways

– Developing unshakeable confidence in Jesus is essential for every Christian. Cultivating this sense of trust can empower men and women in their walk with Christ, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of his mighty divinity.
– Resilience in hardship emanates from our confidence in Jesus. Knowing that the Mighty God walks beside us can transform our perspective in times of strife, bestowing peace and fortitude amidst uncertainties.
– Drawing confidence from Jesus’ teachings and life can significantly alter our interactions with the world. As we trust in Jesus’ wisdom, we become capable of spreading love, kindness, and understanding, reflecting his divine nature.
– Confidence in Jesus transcends the confines of our temporal existence. By placing our faith in Jesus, we tap into an eternal fount of hope and courage that consistently revitalises our spiritual journey.
– Actively encouraging our confidence in Jesus is a transformative practice. Engaging in prayer, meditation, and scripture study can solidify our trust in him and deepen our connection to the Mighty God.

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FAQs About Our Confidence in Jesus, the Mighty God

What does having confidence in Jesus mean?

Having confidence in Jesus signifies a strong sense of trust and reliance on him and his teachings. It is a conscious choice to place our hopes, anxieties, challenges, and joys in Jesus’ hands and truly believe in his mercy, love, power, and plan for our lives.

What can be achieved from having confidence in Jesus?

Through developing and maintaining confidence in Jesus, we can experience peace, joy, and a sense of direction in life. We can also expect spiritual growth, the ability to overcome fear, and the to power conquer obstacles. Confidence in Jesus can lead to a contented and tranquil life.

Why is it difficult for some people to have confidence in Jesus?

It can be challenging for some people to have confidence in Jesus because of personal struggles, an inability to comprehend his divine nature fully, or feelings of unworthiness. However, Jesus encourages everyone to place their trust in him and assures us that he will always accept us, irrespective of our shortcomings.

How can one build confidence in Jesus?

Building confidence in Jesus primarily involves cultivating a personal relationship with him through prayer, meditation, Bible study, and active participation in church activities. Additionally, it’s about understanding Jesus’ unconditional love and acknowledging his divine omniscience.

Why does building confidence in Jesus lead to spiritual growth?

Building confidence in Jesus often leads to spiritual growth because, in trusting Jesus, we open our hearts to his teachings and influences more readily. This way, we become more in tune with his wisdom, which guides us towards spiritual maturity and a closer relationship with God.

How is confidence in Jesus different from believing in Jesus?

Confidence in Jesus is a step beyond believing in him. While believing in Jesus is accepting his existence and recognising him as the Son of God, having confidence in Jesus involves personal trust and dependency on him in every aspect of our lives.

What does the Bible say about having confidence in Jesus?

The Bible encourages confidence in Jesus in numerous verses. For example, in the book of Hebrews (4:16), it is written, “So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most”.

How long does it take to build confidence in Jesus?

There is no fixed time frame to build confidence in Jesus. It’s a personal journey that relies on individual’s faith and personal experiences. Some might find this path shorter while others may see it as a lifelong journey.

Can doubt coexist with confidence in Jesus?

Yes, doubt can coexist with confidence in Jesus. Doubts are part of the human experience and can even serve as catalysts for spiritual growth. Jesus holds space for all our doubts, questions, and struggles. It’s important to remember that our doubts do not dilute Jesus’ power, mercy, or love for us.

What should I do when I struggle with confidence in Jesus?

When struggling with confidence in Jesus, it can be helpful to seek support from a trustworthy spiritual leader, engage more with scripture, or join a Bible study or fellowship group. Remember, the journey includes ebbs and flows and it’s completely normal to experience difficulties regarding faith and confidence. The key is to keep striving and seeking.

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