Resurrection Sunday: The Powerful Love Of God

resurrection sunday


On Resurrection Sunday we are reminded the resurrection of Jesus has the power to make the difference between fear and faith in our lives.


I’ve always loved Easter and especially Resurrection Sunday. I love the story of Jesus’ resurrection, and how He rose to life again. It’s a powerful message that we’re not alone in this world.

The disciples must have felt bereft on that first Resurrection Sunday. Lonely, abandoned and afraid. Jesus had gone. What would the future hold?

Resurrection Sunday: Meeting the resurrected Jesus

But then they met the resurrected Jesus! He reminded them that God is with us; He never leaves us nor forsake us. So if you find yourself in a tough situation right now, don’t despair – remember that God is always by your side!

The Resurrection can transform our lives

Jesus’ resurrection is an example of how God’s love can transform our lives. Every encounter the disciples had with the resurrected Jesus transformed them from people of fear into people of faith. Even though we may be afraid of what lies ahead, God will give us courage and strength to face any situation.

God is the ultimate source of strength. God is our refuge and strength, our rock, fortress and deliverer (Psalm 18:2). He also protects us like a shield (Psalm 3:3).


Jesus came to Earth to show us that God is love. He lived a perfect life, died on the cross so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life with him in heaven. Through faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ, we can have peace with God now and hope for eternity!

Happy Easter!

“He isn’t here!” This report of Jesus’ resurrection is the key to Christian faith. This week in our Battle Drill devotionals we focus on the different those three words can make in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

There’s a new episode of Battle Drill Devotional every Monday through Friday.

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