The Scandal of the Cross: Embracing the Faithfulness of Christ

#GoodFriday #ScandalOfTheCross #CrucifixionOfJesus #FaithfulnessOfChristReflect on the faithfulness of Christ and the scandal of the cross this Good Friday. Explore the crucifixion of Jesus and its profound significance. Join us for a heartfelt journey into the depths of faith as we embrace the scandal of the cross.

the scandal of the cross
Battle Ready Sermons
Battle Ready Sermons
The Scandal of the Cross: Embracing the Faithfulness of Christ


Reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday and explore the scandalous nature of the cross. Discover the faithfulness of Christ amidst the betrayal and abandonment. Are you ashamed or inspired by the scandal of the cross? Embrace the faithfulness of Christ and let it transform your life. Proclaim the scandal of the cross and live a life that reflects the love and faithfulness of our Saviour. Find inspiration in the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ and extend that love to a world in need of redemption.

Notes on the Sermon: The Scandal of the Cross: Embracing the Faithfulness of Christ

Discover the raw truth of Christianity’s most powerful emblem: the cross. As we traverse the landscape of its origins, we discern the deep-seated paradox it presents, once a method of disgrace, now a beacon of divine strength for believers. This episode peels back the layers of historical context and scriptural narratives that reveal the full extent of the ignominy and curse perceived by the first-century spectators of Jesus’ crucifixion. We wrestle with the realities of universal abandonment that Jesus experienced, from the betrayal by his disciples to the condemnation by authorities, and the harrowing sense of forsakenness by God himself. I invite you to join me in confronting the implications of a crucified Messiah and grasp the immensity of salvation that hinges upon this pivotal act in human history.

Embark with me on the poignant transformation of Peter, an apostle whose personal journey from arrogance to contrition mirrors our own profound need for grace. Peter’s initial incomprehension of the cross, followed by his bitter denials and eventual restoration, serve as a vivid testament to the inexhaustible mercy extended to us all. Through this narrative, we confront our own vulnerabilities and the hope that remains unwavering in the face of human frailty. As we recall Jesus’ foretelling of his own death and the promise of a future reunion, this dialogue is a heartfelt reminder of the unshakable love and presence of Christ. Embrace the scandal and redemption of the cross, and let it be a source of solace as we navigate the tribulations of faith together.

The Scandal of the Cross

The sermon explores the powerful emblem of Christianity: the cross. It delves into the historical and scriptural significance of the cross, once a symbol of disgrace and now a representation of divine strength for believers. The discussion reveals how the crucifixion of Jesus was perceived as ignominious and cursed by first-century onlookers. It addresses Jesus’ profound sense of abandonment, from the betrayal by his disciples to the seeming forsakenness by God.

The narrative follows the transformation of Peter, an apostle who transitioned from arrogance to contrition, exemplifying humanity’s need for grace. The sermon highlights Peter’s initial misunderstanding of the cross, his subsequent denials of Jesus, and his eventual restoration as a testament to God’s mercy. The message also reflects on Jesus’ foretelling of his death and his promise of a future reunion, reinforcing the unshakeable love and presence of Christ.

Key Points:

  1. The cross is a paradoxical symbol, once a method of execution and now a beacon of hope and strength for believers.
  2. Jesus’ crucifixion was seen as a scandal and a curse, fulfilling the prophecies and demonstrating the ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s redemption.
  3. Jesus experienced universal desertion, betrayal, and condemnation, with a profound sense of abandonment even from God.
  4. Peter’s journey from denial to redemption mirrors the need for grace and the inexhaustible mercy available to all.
  5. The crucifixion is a reminder of the enduring hope and restoration offered through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Scripture References:

  • 1 Corinthians 1:18 discusses the paradox of the cross as foolishness to some but the power of God to those being saved.
  • Matthew 26:31-33, 56 illustrates Jesus’ foreknowledge of his disciples’ desertion and Peter’s adamant declaration of faithfulness, followed by his denial.
  • The crucifixion fulfills the words of the prophets and is the scandal that brings redemption.


  • Peter’s transformation is central to the sermon, moving from confidence to despair and finally to understanding the necessity of the cross.
  • The sermon recounts the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, his disciples’ abandonment, and the political and religious authorities’ treatment of Jesus as a scandal.

The sermon calls on listeners to reflect on their own response to the scandal of the cross and to find solace and forgiveness in the face of human frailty, embracing the paradox of disgrace turned divine.

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Battle Ready Sermon Series: Scandal

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