The Resurrection of Jesus: Promise, Resurrection, and Hope

#ResurrectionOfJesus #EasterSunday #Hope #SalvationReflect on the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter Sunday and find hope, promise, and renewed faith. Join us as we celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, exploring the power of salvation and the transformative impact of the resurrection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the profound message of hope and embrace the promise that Easter Sunday brings.

resurrection of Jesus
Battle Ready Sermons
Battle Ready Sermons
The Resurrection of Jesus: Promise, Resurrection, and Hope


Celebrate Easter Sunday and reflect on the promise, resurrection, and hope found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Discover the power of his resurrection and the significance it holds for us today. Find hope in the midst of troubles and embrace the love and grace poured out upon us. Let the resurrection of Jesus be the foundation of your faith, the source of your joy, and the reason for your hope. Rejoice and celebrate, for our Saviour lives! Transform your life and draw closer to the heart of God through the promise, resurrection, and hope of Jesus Christ.

Notes on the Sermon: The Resurrection of Jesus: Promise, Resurrection, and Hope

Listen in as we explore the transformative power of resurrection hope and how it equips us to live out Jesus’ seemingly impossible commands. Through an intriguing comparison to the world of whodunit mysteries, we uncover that, like the final piece of a puzzle, the resurrection of Jesus is the key event that brings clarity to the Christian faith. Discover with us how the resurrection empowers us to love beyond our own capabilities—extending grace to others, loving our enemies, and living a life free from the grip of sin. Reflect on the profound story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, and how their journey from despair to hope mirrors our own transformation when we shift our focus from the sunset of death to the sunrise of Jesus’ resurrection.

Join the conversation as we draw inspiration from N.T. Wright’s insights in “Simply Christian,” discussing our innate longing for spirituality, joy, justice, relationships, and beauty—and how we often settle for less. We’ll invite you to embrace the Easter message of hope and step into the new creation that Jesus’ resurrection initiates. This episode encourages a life of hope and transformation, one that mirrors the power that raised Christ from the dead. So tune in, as we urge you to adopt a perspective that looks towards the sunrise of God’s new world and experience the fullness of living in hope.

Key Points:

  • The sermon examines the Christian faith through the lens of resurrection hope, drawing parallels with the clarity found at the end of a mystery novel.
  • N.T. Wright emphasises the impossibility of fulfilling Jesus’ commands, such as loving our enemies, without the transformative power of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • The discussion highlights the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, using their shift from despair to hope as a metaphor for moving from death to resurrection.
  • Resurrection hope is presented not as wishful thinking but as a tangible reality that equips believers to overcome sin and experience profound transformation.
  • The sermon invites listeners to embrace the new creation initiated by Jesus’ resurrection, to live in hope, and to see the world through the lens of God’s new world.


  • The disciples on the road to Emmaus represent a journey from hopelessness to hope, as they move from the despair of Jesus’ death to the joy of recognizing His resurrection.
  • The comparison of the whodunit mystery genre with the Christian faith serves to illustrate how resurrection hope brings clarity and meaning to life’s complexities.

Scripture References:

  • Jesus’ command to love God, others, and our enemies, as well as to forgive and turn the other cheek, are discussed in light of resurrection power.
  • The sermon reflects on Philippians, where Paul writes about living a life free from selfish ambition through the example of Christ’s humility and resurrection.
  • The significance of the resurrection is underscored by 1 Corinthians 15:13-14, which states the futility of faith without the resurrection of Christ.

Summary of the Sermon:

In this sermon, we are guided through an understanding of the Christian faith, emphasising the necessity of resurrection hope for living out the challenging teachings of Jesus. The power of Jesus’ resurrection is essential for believers to fulfil commands such as loving our enemies and turning the other cheek. Through the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, the sermon illustrates the transformative journey from despair to hope, mirroring the movement from the darkness of death to the light of resurrection. This sermon calls believers to step into the new creation, leaving behind the brokenness of the world, and to live a life reshaped by the Easter message, with the same power that raised Christ from the dead.

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