Finding Serenity with the Prince of Peace: Spiritual Insights

Unveil the serenity found in Jesus, the Prince of Peace, in our engaging sermon.

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Battle Ready Sermons
Battle Ready Sermons
Finding Serenity with the Prince of Peace: Spiritual Insights


Unveil the serenity found in Jesus, the Prince of Peace, in our engaging sermon.

Notes on the Sermon: Finding Serenity with the Prince of Peace: Spiritual Insights


Welcome to our special Christmas episode where we dive into the deeper longing for peace that the holiday season stirs within us all. Today, we reflect on the human pursuit of tranquility in our lives—within our relationships, our work, and our personal health, and how our Prince of PeaceJesus – provides the peace we need..

Main Themes – Jesus as our Prince of Peace:

The Universal Yearning for Peace: 

We explore the innate desire for peace that becomes especially poignant during Christmas. How does this yearning manifest across different areas of our lives?

Peace as a Divine Gift: 

The text introduces the concept of peace as something that is bestowed upon us by the “Prince of Peace,” a prophetic figure from Isaiah. We discuss how this peace differs from worldly expectations, as it is not achieved through force, but through a sense of wholeness or “Shalom.”

A Peace That Surpasses Understanding: 

Delving into the words from Philippians, we ponder the nature of a divine peace that guards our hearts and minds in ways that transcend human understanding.

The Sacred Quest for Holiness: 

We talk about the pursuit of holiness and its connection to experiencing peace. What are “thin places,” and how do they enhance our awareness of the Prince of Peace’s presence?

The Role of Forgiveness: 

Forgiveness and a proper relationship with God are highlighted as essential for finding true peace. How do we approach this, and what role do new beginnings play, such as the New Year or Covenant Sunday?

Personal Reflection and Surrender:

The speaker suggests a practical step for finding solace: writing down our hopes and fears and offering them to the “Prince of Peace.” We discuss how this act of surrender can lead to internal peace.


  • We close the episode with the prayer from the text, asking for guidance and a deeper connection with the divine throughout the festive period and into our daily lives.

Call to Action:

  • As we sign off, we encourage our listeners to take a moment to consider their own yearnings for peace this Christmas. What can you write down and surrender to find solace during this season?

Closing Thoughts:

  • May this discussion serve as a reminder of the peace that is available to us, not only during Christmas but throughout our entire lives. Remember, peace is not just a season; it’s a gift that we can unwrap every day.

Thank you for joining us for this contemplative journey. Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed holiday season.

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Sermon Series: He Shall Be Called

Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week

This week on the Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast, as we celebrate Christmas, we focus on Jesus, our Saviour, the One who brings love, peace, and grace to each one of us. Each weekday we share hope and encouragement as we read and study the Bible together.

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