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Explore the best Christian leadership blogs, containing key insights from top thought leaders like Scott Cochrane.


Leadership is a crucial aspect of Christian life, and staying informed and inspired is essential for those who are called to lead. In this article, we will explore three insightful articles from some of the best Christian leadership blogs. These articles tackle various challenges faced by leaders and provide practical advice and encouragement. Let’s dive in!

This Week’s Great Articles from the Best Christian Leadership Blogs:

1. How To Overcome The Biggest Problem-Solving Problem In Leadership by Scott Cochrane

In this thought-provoking article, Scott Cochrane addresses a common problem faced by leaders: the tendency to jump straight into problem-solving mode without fully understanding the issue at hand. Cochrane emphasizes the importance of taking a step back and analysing the problem before seeking solutions.

He suggests that leaders should begin by asking questions and actively listening to others’ perspectives. By doing so, leaders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem and its underlying causes. Cochrane also encourages leaders to involve their team members in the problem-solving process, fostering a collaborative environment that values diverse insights and experiences.

By following these principles, leaders can overcome the biggest problem-solving problem: rushing into solutions without fully grasping the problem itself. Cochrane’s article provides valuable guidance for leaders seeking to enhance their problem-solving skills.

2. Who Are You When Only Your Family Is Looking? by Tim Challies

Tim Challies explores a topic that often goes unnoticed in discussions about leadership: the importance of character and authenticity when no one else is watching. Challies reminds leaders that their true character is revealed in the small, private moments of life.

He emphasises the significance of integrity and consistency, urging leaders to align their public and private lives. Challies encourages leaders to prioritise their relationships with God and their families, as these are the foundations upon which their leadership should be built.

Challies’ article serves as a timely reminder that leadership is not just about public appearances but about living a life of integrity and authenticity. By focusing on who they are when only their family is looking, leaders can cultivate a genuine and impactful leadership style.

3. 5 Ways To Battle Insecurity as a Pastor by Ron Edmondson

Leaders, including pastors, often struggle with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Ron Edmondson addresses this issue head-on in his article, offering five practical strategies to battle insecurity specifically tailored for pastors.

Edmondson starts by encouraging pastors to seek support from trusted mentors and friends who can provide guidance and accountability. He also emphasises the importance of self-reflection and recognising one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, Edmondson advises pastors to focus on serving others rather than seeking validation from their congregations. By shifting their focus to the needs of their community, pastors can find fulfilment and overcome feelings of insecurity.

In addition, Edmondson highlights the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and taking time for self-care. Lastly, he encourages pastors to embrace vulnerability and share their struggles with trusted individuals, fostering a culture of authenticity within their ministry.


These three articles from some of the best Christian leadership blogs offer valuable insights and practical advice for leaders seeking to grow in their roles. Scott Cochrane’s article reminds us to pause and understand problems before jumping into solutions. Tim Challies emphasises the importance of character and authenticity, even when no one else is watching. Lastly, Ron Edmondson equips pastors with strategies to battle insecurity and find fulfilment in their calling.

By reading and implementing the wisdom shared in these articles, leaders can enhance their leadership skills, strengthen their character, and navigate the challenges they face with confidence and grace.

Key Takeaways

  • Analyse and learn, that’s one of the many key takeaways from the best Christian leadership blogs such as Scott Cochrane’s piece on leadership problem-solving. It teaches us the importance of learning to define the real problem rather than just the symptoms.
  • Authenticity continues to be hugely vital in Christian leadership. This is echoed in Tim Challies’ article ‘Who Are You When Only Your Family Is Looking?’, which emphasises that one standout message from the best Christian leadership blogs is the significance of being your true self both inside and outside your household.
  • Insecurity isn’t a weakness, it’s a chance to grow your faith. This key point comes from Ron Edmondson’s thought-provoking entry in one of the best Christian leadership blogs. His in-depth look at battling insecurity not just as a Pastor but as a Christian provides a new perspective for handling self-doubt through strength in faith.
  • One thing that the best Christian leadership blogs like Scott Cochrane’s remind us is the necessity of adapting our perspectives when problem-solving – we are solving the problem not for us, but for a higher cause and sometimes, that requires an entirely different approach.
  • Dedicated Christian leaders understand that they are always being seen, even when the world isn’t watching. This emotional takeaway from Tim Challies’ contribution to the best Christian leadership blogs encourages leaders to be an example of faith, love, and kindness at all times, because your actions are always reflecting upon your leadership.

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