Fellowship is More Than Friendship



One of the greatest strengths of a healthy church is the loving relationships between its members. Each of us must reflect on how we contribute to the fellowship to which we belong.

Last week, I met formally with the Leadership Team of Maidenhead Salvation Army for the first time. One of things I asked them was what they saw as the strengths of our corps. The strength that was mentioned the most was our fellowship. Gail and I have certainly experienced that for ourselves since we arrived.

What do we mean by “fellowship”?

But what do we mean by fellowship? We often speak about having “Coffee Fellowship” or “fellowship over a meal”. Some corps have a Ladies’ Fellowship or a Men’s Fellowship. Fellowship is more than just enjoying each other’s company over a drink or meal or shared activity. It’s about engaging with other followers of Christ in the common activities of worship, study, prayer, celebration, and service, which sustain our life together and enlarge our capacity to experience more of God.

We each have a responsibility to our fellowship

If we are going to protect our fellowship, then there are some things that all of us must commit to do: to continue to grow personally in our love for God; to work to keep the unity of our corps, The Salvation Army, and the Church as a whole; and to work to help our corps grow.

Will you take a moment this week to reflect on how you contribute to our fellowship, and what you can do to sustain and enhance our life together and our capacity to experience even more of God?

One of the greatest strengths of a healthy church is the loving relationships between its members. This week in Battle Drill devotionals, we focus on how to cultivate those relationships. You can pick up a copy on Reception or listen to an audio of these devotionals every week. Head to https://battledrilldevotional.podbean.com for more details and to subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts or you can catch up with us on the Battlefield Resources Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/battlefieldresources. Like the page and get a notification when a new episode drops or sign up to be sent an email – http://eepurl.com/h2FPND.

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