God Knows You By Name: Understand Deeply The Sacredness of Thin Places

🔎Seeking solace in spirituality? Our latest Battle Drill Daily Devotional podcast episode, "God Knows You By Name: Understand Deeply The Sacredness of Thin Places"🙏, explores the profound concept that divine intervention is very personal and intimate. That God knows you intimately, yes, by your name! This podcast episode will certainly give you soulful insight into connective divine experiences that remind us the spirituality is not just an abstract concept. Join us today in finding your 'thin place' where you feel the presence of a higher power🕊. #GodKnowsYouByName #Spirituality #ThinPlaces #DivineIntervention #SoulfulInsights

Individual reaching out towards God's light in thin place
Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
God Knows You By Name: Understand Deeply The Sacredness of Thin Places


Take a journey where ‘God knows you by name’. Witness the divine in your daily interactions.


How do you feel when someone you love calls you by your name? There is a special connection that leaves us feeling loved and deeply known. Today, we are reminded that God knows each of us by name too.

God’s Tangible Presence

Have you ever experienced a “thin place”? It’s that moment when the boundary between heaven and earth seems to blur, and you feel God’s presence more tangibly than ever. In Exodus 33:12-23, we see Moses encountering such a moment on Mount Sinai, and it teaches us a profound truth: God knows you by name.

A Deep, Personal Relationship with God

Moses had a deep, personal relationship with God. In verse 12, he pleads, “You have told me, ‘I know you by name, and I look favourably on you.’'” It’s a powerful reminder that God knows each one of us personally, intimately, and by name. He knows your joys, your struggles, and your dreams. In your thin places, He reveals himself in a way that is unique to you, reaffirming his knowledge of you.

God Knows You By Name and is Always With You

As Moses seeks a deeper encounter with God, he asks in verse 18, “show me your glorious presence.” God’s response is both breathtaking and reassuring. He tells Moses that he cannot see his face but assures him that his goodness will pass before him. In our thin places, God’s glory may not be fully revealed, but his goodness is unmistakably present. It’s a promise that God’s goodness is with you, always.

When we experience our own thin places, whether during prayer, worship, or simply in the beauty of nature, we catch a glimpse of the glory of God. It’s a moment when we sense his presence more vividly and feel his love more deeply.

Reflection Question:

  • What are the thin places in your life where you’ve felt God’s presence most profoundly? How can you seek more of these moments to strengthen your awareness that God knows you by name?

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