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You Need to Rest in God’s Word

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
You Need to Rest in God’s Word

Read Mark 2:23-28. How’s your focus? Do you find it easy to focus on the right things? Or does the constant bombardment from adverts and social media distract you from what’s important.

Our minds are constantly assaulted by the world’s messages. You’ll mean something if you buy this. You deserve to eat this. You’ll get what you want if you buy this. It’s exhausting!

God designed the Sabbath as a fire break from all of this. Sabbath gives us the opportunity to focus on him, and on his Word. Spending time on the Sabbath in God’s Word – reading it, listening to it, studying it, meditating on it – helps us focus on the right things. It helps us have a healthy mind.

What happens when you do this? You find the rest and the peace that you need. The peace that passes all understanding. When your heart and your mind is focused on God’s Word, they experience less stress and more rest.

We all need that, especially on the Sabbath. What will you do to focus on God’s Word and find that rest during your next Sabbath?


Think about the following:

•What is one thing you currently do on the Sabbath that you could replace with spending more time in God’s Word?

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