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Your Mental Health Needs Recharging

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Your Mental Health Needs Recharging

Read Mark 2:23-28. Do you have a mind that seems to go into overdrive when you lay your head on your pillow at night? Do you often find yourself lost in thought?

If so, then your mind might be trying to tell you something! It needs rest. God did not design our minds to keep going 24/7, even though it might feel that way sometimes! If we are not resting our minds enough, they have a way of telling us. The racing mind when we’re trying to get to sleep is just one way they do that.

We need a day every week to recharge our mental health. God designed the Sabbath to give us the space we need to do that. We all do it in different ways. Some of us like to spend some time in quietness. Perhaps the Sabbath is the only day we have space to be quiet. Others find mental rejuvenation through hobbies or other recreation. Still others find their mental health is recharged simply by being with the people they love – family or friends.

Whatever it is, plan now to do whatever recharges your mental health during your next Sabbath. You’ll be glad you did. Like a tennis racket, our emotions need to be unstrung and restrung on a regular basis, to ensure they don’t snap.


Think about the following:

•What’s the best way you have found to recharge your mental health?

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