The Power of Self-Denial: A Reflection of Our Hearts

Discover the true meaning of self-denial in the Bible, explore practical ways to embrace it in your life, and join us in making a meaningful impact through intentional self-denial. This blog post offers valuable reflections on Christian discipleship and supports The Salvation Army's important mission. Join the conversation now!

what is self denial
Battle Ready Sermons
Battle Ready Sermons
The Power of Self-Denial: A Reflection of Our Hearts


What is self denial? Explore the importance of self-denial in our Christian discipleship and the significance of The Salvation Army’s self-denial appeal. Learn how self-denial reflects the attitude in our hearts and allows God to work in and through us. Discover how participating in the self-denial appeal supports the vital work of The Salvation Army and demonstrates our love for God and our neighbours. Reflect on how you can practice self-denial in a more intentional way and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Notes on the Sermon: The Power of Self-Denial: A Reflection of Our Hearts

Welcome to the Battle Ready Sermons podcast, where we dive deep into the transformative power of self-denial and its impact on our spiritual and daily lives. In this episode, we trace the roots of this practice and explore its relevance in the modern world.

What Is Self Denial? Main Themes & Highlights:

  • Historical Perspective: Asking what is self denial? We begin with a historical anecdote about William Booth in 1886 and how Commissioner Carleton’s pledge to forgo pudding for Salvation Army fundraising sparked a broader movement of personal sacrifice.
  • Biblical Foundations: We ask what is self denial from a biblical perspective. The episode draws on the teachings of the Apostle Paul from 2 Corinthians, showing the scriptural basis for self-denial and how it reflects one’s inner character.
  • Modern Manifestations: We ask what is self denial in the world we live in today? We discuss contemporary initiatives like Dry January, Veganuary, and Sugar-free February, and how these health-conscious events tie into the theme of self-denial.
  • Sports and Excellence: We look at what is self denial in elite sport. A look into how self-denial is essential in the pursuit of excellence, not just in sports, but in various fields, highlighting its role in combating human selfishness.
  • The Widow’s Mite: The episode reflects on the story from Mark chapter 12 to illustrate selflessness and the significance of giving from the heart.
  • Beyond Seasonal Acts: As we continue to ask what is self denial, we emphasise that self-denial is not just a temporary practice but an ongoing “heart surgery,” crucial for reassessing priorities and deepening spirituality.
  • Prioritising Faith: The discussion extends to the importance of prioritising Jesus in one’s life, referencing song lyrics and advocating for adoration and evangelism.
  • Unity Through Self-Denial: Quotes from Paul about letting Christ’s peace rule in our hearts and the call for unity among individuals.
  • Closing Blessing: The episode concludes by weaving self-denial into a larger religious and moral framework, leaving listeners with a blessing and much to ponder.

Notable Quotes:

  • What is self denial? “Self-denial is not just about giving up something; it’s about gaining a deeper understanding of our desires and what truly matters.”
  • “Like heart surgery, self-denial is a practice that allows us to operate on our innermost priorities, aligning them with a life of purpose and faith.”

Final Thoughts: Join us as we delve into these powerful stories and teachings that encourage us to look beyond ourselves and foster a spirit of generosity and self-reflection. This practice, deeply rooted in history and faith, offers a path to personal and spiritual growth that resonates just as strongly today.

Call to Action: We’d love to hear your thoughts on self-denial and how it has impacted your life. Share your stories with us on social media using #battlereadysermons, and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast.

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