Make Sure You’re Connected to Jesus

connected to Jesus


To be spiritually fruitful, we need to be connected with Jesus at all times so that we can hear his voice when he speaks through Scripture and other people around us who are following him too.


Have you ever caught yourself being “busy doing nothing”?


Productivity is a word that means “getting stuff done.” If you’re productive, then you are able to accomplish what needs to be done in your life. You can be productive at work, at home and even in your relationships with other people.

The difference between being busy and being productive is knowing how to prioritise your time and energy so that the most important things get done first. Sometimes, we can be busy doing nothing! The Bible teaches us that we should not just be busy with things but also make sure our hearts are right before God (Matthew 6:33). In order for us as Christians to live out this verse every day we must learn how our actions affect others around us as well as ourselves spiritually so that we can start doing those things which will benefit both parties involved instead of just focusing on ourselves only which might lead us down paths where nobody benefits except for maybe ourselves – and even then it’s usually not worth it!

Jesus wants you to be fruitful

Jesus wants you to be fruitful. He wants you to be productive, successful and fruitful in the Kingdom of God.

You may think that Jesus wants you to do something else with your life: maybe he’d rather see you in a different line of work or living somewhere else altogether. But no matter where your heart is set on going, Jesus has made it clear that he has plans for his people–and they involve being fruitful!

It is important that we take time to memorise Scripture so that we can remain connected to Jesus

Scripture is the Word of God, and it’s inspired by God. Scripture is the best way to know Jesus, because he speaks through His Word. It is also the basis for all Christian doctrine and practice.

Scripture should be at the heart of our lives as Christians – it can help us grow in our relationship with God, live out our faith in daily life, and understand what Scripture says about life issues.


In the end, Jesus wants to give you a fruitful life. He has a plan for you and he wants you to be successful in it. To do that, we need to be connected with him at all times so that we can hear his voice when he speaks through Scripture and other people around us who are following him too.

Let’s get busy being fruitful!

This week in Battle Drill devotionals, we focus on what it means as God’s family to remain connected to Jesus. How does that change the way we “do” church?

There’s a new episode of Battle Drill Devotional every Monday through Friday.

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