Life as a Pastor: How Can We Cultivate Resilience in Ourselves and Others?



Being a pastor or Christian leader can sometimes feel lonely. But resilience is not just down to us as an individual.

Not Feeling Resilient Isn’t All On You

Often, as pastors and individuals, we need the support of others in order to feel resilience. If you are struggling and not feeling resilient, it is not all on you. Sometimes, we need the support of others – it might be a member of your congregation, or a trusted local leader. It could be a colleague – a peer – who understands your role and responsibilities. It might be a leader who is higher up in your organisation – your line manager or someone else. Even speaking to your friends and family can help you feel resilience. Speaking to others can make a massive difference.

Sharing Our Need for Resilience Helps Build Community

As we share our struggles, and our need for resilience, it can help build community, which after all, is the DNA of the church. It can help us bond with members of our congregation, local leaders, peers, even our line managers. When you share a social identity, and realise that we all struggle with and need resilience, you feel a part of something that’s bigger than you are as an individual. That in itself can help build resilience – individually and collectively.


Pastors and Christian leaders need resilience. So do those they lead and those who lead them. Collective resilience is important and should be part of the culture we all strive for.

How do you build your resilience?

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

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