3 of the Latest and Best Leadership Articles (9 June 2023)

best leadership articles

Leadership and Productivity

It’s hard to stay on top of the many leadership and productivity articles published each week. To help you become the best leader possible, here are three articles I found helpful this week:

This Week’s Must-Read Leadership and Productivity Articles:

The Ultimate Pursuit of Leadership by Dan Rockwell

“It’s normal to complain; it’s leadership to make something better. ‘The consistent pursuit of improvement yields unfathomable advantage.’ Improvement is the ultimate pursuit of leadership.”

How to Maximise Your Summer Vacation by Joshua Reich

“In reality, you and I are created to live life in rhythm. We are designed to work hard and play hard. To stress our bodies and then to unwind and let them destress. As you get ready for summer, here are some ideas to help you make sure that you are maximising your summer.”

No, Pastor, Online Church Is Not Slowing Your In-Person Attendance by Karl Vaters

“Here’s the reality. Online church isn’t what’s stopping your congregation from returning to in-person services. If they’re not coming to church in person, they’re probably not watching online either. It may not be a one-to-one correlation, but if congregational attendance is down, you need to look elsewhere for an answer.”

Thanks for reading with me. If you discovered an enlightening, must-read leadership and productivity article recently, drop me a line and share!

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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