Love is an Action: Embrace it with the Good Samaritan’s Message of Service

Love is an Action: Explore how the Good Samaritan parable inspires service towards others.

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Love is an Action: Embrace it with the Good Samaritan's Message of Service


Love is an Action: Explore how the Good Samaritan parable inspires service towards others.


The world thinks that love is a feeling. Christians come to understand that love is more than simply emotion; it’s something you do. The phrase “love is an action” is not merely a rhetorical statement or a poetic expression; it’s the backbone of the Christian faith, a compass guiding our interpersonal relationships and interactions. Love’s essence lies much deeper than emotion or sentiment, entwined within our everyday actions and choices, embodied not by the grand gestures or declarations, but in the small, unnoticed acts of kindness.

Opportunities to Show Love is an Action

Our interactions with others are opportunities to perform love in action, particularly through service to others. The Good Samaritan, an enduring story of selfless service, consistently illustrates this principle. The Samaritan did not simply feel compassion upon seeing a distressed fellow human; he took immediate action, rendering assistance that went way beyond the superficial. It was not a fleeting emotion but an act, an unequivocal demonstration of love in its most practical and genuine form.

Remembering Love is an Action Can Change the World

Drawing inspiration from this, imagine the world that could be forged if “love is an action” guides our interactions. A world where stepping up to assist those in need, extending understanding in disagreement, and expressing gratitude becomes a reflex, much like the Good Samaritan did. This humble enactment of love is more impactful than any grand affectionate gesture. So, let us see love not as a coat we put on or take off with our moods and how we feel but as the consistent actions of understanding, service and kindness we extend. In this, we will find the true substance of love.

Reflection Question:

  • In what practical ways could you put “love is an action” into practice in your daily life?

Key Takeaways

  • Love in action translates effortlessly into serving others; display your commitment towards bettering the lives of others by showing them love in tangible and measurable ways.
  • Understand the importance of actions by embracing the mantra “love is an action”; the Good Samaritan’s story highlights this powerful truthlove is more than words, it’s about proactive engagement.
  • Exercise love in action by seizing every opportunity to serve others; this embodies the spirit of the Good Samaritan, turning empathy and concern into actions of love.
  • The concept of love in action can revolutionise our perspective; by infusing this ethos into our daily lives, we can significantly elevate our ability to make meaningful and loving impacts on others.
  • “Love is an action” shouldn’t be just a catchphrase, but a principle guiding how we interact with the world around us. By seeking and taking opportunities to serve, we bring this concept to life, just as the Good Samaritan did.

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