Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023

Top Christian Leadership Blogs 2023


Explore the Top Christian Leadership Blogs 2023 I read this week for potent insights on guiding your congregation.


Welcome to our discussion on the top Christian leadership blogs 2023 I’ve read this week. It’s the place where you’ll unearth the insights weaving the fabric of current Christian leadership trends. By directing your attention to these blogs, you attain a deep comprehension of practical leadership ethos in accordance with Christian principles. 

This Week’s Top Christian Leadership Blogs 2023 Read This Week:

Six Impulses that Sabotage Us by Michael McKinney

In his blog post “Six Impulses that Sabotage Us,” Michael McKinney explores the common impulses that hinder effective leadership. McKinney highlights the importance of self-awareness and provides insights on how to overcome these destructive tendencies. By addressing issues such as ego, fear, and impatience, McKinney offers practical advice for Christian leaders seeking personal growth and improved leadership skills.

Christian leaders should read this post because it provides valuable guidance on self-reflection and self-improvement. By understanding and overcoming these impulses, leaders can enhance their decision-making abilities and foster a healthier work environment.

3 Ways Your Fast Decisions Could Be Hurting Your Results by Scott Cochrane

Scott Cochrane’s blog post, “3 Ways Your Fast Decisions Could Be Hurting Your Results,” delves into the potential drawbacks of hasty decision-making. Cochrane emphasises the importance of thoughtful and deliberate choices, highlighting the potential negative consequences of impulsive decisions. By offering practical strategies to slow down and consider all factors, Cochrane encourages Christian leaders to prioritise quality decision-making over speed.

This post is essential for Christian leaders as it reminds them to exercise caution and wisdom in decision-making processes. By taking the time to evaluate options thoroughly, leaders can avoid potential pitfalls and achieve more favorable outcomes.

The Pleasure and Power of Preaching with Sincerity by Brandon Cox

In his blog post, “The Pleasure and Power of Preaching with Sincerity,” Brandon Cox explores the transformative impact of genuine and heartfelt preaching. Cox emphasises the importance of sincerity in delivering messages of faith, highlighting the connection between authenticity and audience engagement. By sharing personal experiences and practical tips, Cox encourages Christian leaders to embrace sincerity as a powerful tool in their preaching.

Christian leaders should read this post as it reminds them of the significance of authenticity in their preaching. By speaking from the heart and connecting with their audience on a deeper level, leaders can inspire and empower their congregations.


By reading these Top Christian Leadership Blogs 2023 read this week, Christian leaders will gain valuable insights and practical advice on self-awareness, decision-making, and the power of authenticity in preaching. These blogs offer valuable resources for leaders seeking personal growth and enhanced leadership skills, ultimately enabling them to make a positive impact on their communities and organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023’ provided an astounding depth of practical wisdom and spiritual guidance for ambitious Christian leaders. Understand how different Christian leaders are tackling the unique challenges of their congregations in the 21st century and the inspirational stories they share.
  • – Each of the ‘Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023’ emanated an authentic sense of mission, purpose and biblical truth, offering readers not only guidance but also comforting support in times of tribulation. Especially noteworthy was how these blogs addressed real-world issues from a Christian leadership perspective.
  • – These ‘Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023’ aren’t just limited to those in ecclesiastical roles but shared insights that are valuable for anyone in a leadership position, embracing Christian qualities. Find inspiration in the way these authors incorporate faith into their leadership framework, all while leading with grace and integrity.
  • – Irrespective of denominational lines, the remarkable unity in the central doctrine and faith shines through in the ‘Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023’. Participate in discussions that deep dive into scripture, offering renewed interpretations and understandings of biblical scriptures.
  • – From grappling with modern societal pressures to guiding the next generation of Christians, the ‘Top Christian Leadership Blogs Read in Week Ending 15 December 2023’ are a treasure trove for anyone seeking to infuse Christian principles into their leadership style. Join this thriving online community of believers, and be prepared to be challenged and encouraged in your faith.

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