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Happy People are Peacemakers

Today’s #BattleDrill: Read Matthew 5:1-12. This world is full of conflict. Turn on the news, open your newspaper and discord spews out at you. Log in to social media and everyone seems to be falling out with each other. No one listens. They just shout at each other! #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional

Conflict does not make us happy. When God makes us happy, we are peacemakers not firestarters. Happy people actively seek to “make peace.” They are willing to reconcile with others. They do what they can to bring an end to bitterness and strife.

This is not appeasement. It is not about giving in or doing anything for a quiet life. Peacemaking is hard work and hard won. It is dealing with and solving problems in order to maintain peace. It takes commitment to each other and it must be centred on Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Peacemakers are happy because God calls them his children. They reflect their Father’s character and share the glories of his Kingdom. May we work for peace in our relationships and model peace and happiness for the world.

Think about the following:
oHow do people respond differently when you speak peace rather than conflict to them? Does it make you feel happy?

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