He Will Wipe Away Every Tear: The Assurance of Eternal Joy and The End of All Suffering

#EternalJoy #EndOfSuffering #PathOfPeace #Inspiration #Hope 🌻☀Sometimes all we need is a little reassurance, a gentle reminder, that sorrow doesn't last forever and 'he will wipe away every tear.' Our latest daily devotional podcast episode "He Will Wipe Away Every Tear: The Assurance of Eternal Joy and The End of All Suffering" aims to provide this comfort. Embark on this spiritual journey with us and find solace, inspiration, and hope in the eternal promise of joy and peace. Say goodbye to suffering and welcome a future of love and light.

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Battle Drill Devotional
He Will Wipe Away Every Tear: The Assurance of Eternal Joy and The End of All Suffering


“He will wipe away every tear” from your eyes, a divine promise offering eternal joy.


Many of those who serve their country in conflict and who fight to preserve our security and happiness will have seen sights that made them weep for humanity. They endured great suffering and grief on our behalf.

The comforting words of Revelation 21:1-7, remind us – as perhaps they did some of them – of the promise of eternal joy and an end to suffering and grief.

He Will Wipe Away Every Tear

In this passage, John shares a vision of a new heaven and a new earth, where God dwells with his people. He assures us that God will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death, mourning, crying, or pain. All the former things will pass away, and everything will be made new.

It is a beautiful promise of hope and restoration, assuring us that our present sufferings are temporary and that a day is coming when all pain will cease. In the midst of our trials and tribulations, we can find comfort in knowing that God sees our tears and will wipe them away.

Ours is Not a Distant God, Remote, Unfeeling

As we reflect on this promise, we are reminded that God is not distant or indifferent to our pain. He is intimately acquainted with our grief and sorrows. He is a God who empathises with us and offers us his comfort and peace.

So, let us hold on to this promise of eternal joy, knowing that one day, all suffering and grief will be replaced with everlasting joy and peace in the presence of our loving Creator.

Reflection Question:

How does the promise of eternal joy help you navigate through seasons of suffering and grief?

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Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week

This week, on the Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast, we look beyond Remembrance Sunday to the vision for hope for the future found in Revelation 21, reminding ourselves this is not the end – one day God will make everything new.

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