Unlocking Happiness and Integrity: Trail to A Joyous & Upright Life

Journey towards a life filled with happiness and integrity. Start with our podcast!

happiness and integrity
Battle Drill Devotional
Unlocking Happiness and Integrity: Trail to A Joyous & Upright Life


Journey towards a life filled with happiness and integrity. Start with our podcast!

Happiness and Integrity: Introduction

What is the gap between what people see of you in public and what happens behind closed doors?

Happiness and Integrity: Pure in Heart

When the gap is small, we call that integrity. It doesn’t mean that you never do wrong or that you’re perfect. But it does mean you are “pure in heart,” because your heart is wholly committed to God and living life the way he calls us to do.

Happiness and Integrity: Finding Happiness as We Sin Less

We will never be perfect in this life. That comes as a shock to those of us who are perfectionists! We will never have it all together. But with the Holy Spirit’s help, we can sin less. And as we sin less, we are made happier. Wearing a mask of acceptability in public and trying to hide a life of wrong in private leads to stress and worry.

Commit to Happiness and Integrity

Committing to integrity – to shrinking the gap between our public face and the life we live in private – and maintaining a heart that is pure and surrendered to God is the way to a happy life.

Reflection Question

  • If someone were to look in your heart, how close would what they would find there be to the face you show in public?

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Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

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