Unlock the Secret of What to Pray for Children to Encourage Growth & Well-being

#ChildDevelopment #SpiritualParenting #FamilyConnections #PrayersForChildren #GrowthAndFaithHey, Family Circle! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Prayer is a powerful tool, and when used right, it can forge a deep spiritual connection between you and your little blessings. Wondering what to pray for children? πŸ€” Our latest daily devotional podcast episode 'Unlock the Secret of What to Pray for Children to Encourage Growth and Well-being' provides just the guidance you need. πŸ’‘ Educate yourself about ways to guide your children on their spiritual journey. Click the link.

Young mother praying for child's protection, showing us what to pray for children.
Battle Drill Devotional
Unlock the Secret of What to Pray for Children to Encourage Growth & Well-being


What to pray for children: delve into spiritual insights and nurture their growth.


As we come to the end of a week when we’ve considered the importance of a childlike faith, today we turn to praying for our children. Whether they are your own children, grandchildren, children in your wider family or amongst your friends, or the children in your church or corps, each one of us can be praying for them. In this week’s passage, people brought their children to Jesus for his blessing. It’s a reminder that prayer for our little ones is a beautiful and powerful act of love.

What to Pray for Children

But sometimes, we can be at a loss to know what to pray. So here are five suggestions:

  1. Pray for Their Faith: Begin by praying for your children’s faith to grow, to be deeply rooted in Christ. Ask God to nurture their belief, just as Jesus welcomed the children in Mark 10.
  2. Pray for Protection: In a world filled with challenges, pray for the protection of your children. Ask God to watch over them, guard them from harm, and guide them towards safe and loving relationships.
  3. Pray for Wisdom: Pray for wisdom for your children. Just as Jesus embraced these little ones, pray for their ability to make wise decisions and discern right from wrong.
  4. Pray for Love: Like Jesus, pray for your children to experience and show love. Ask God to fill their hearts with love, compassion, and kindness, so they can be a shining light in the world.
  5. Pray for Their Purpose: Finally, pray for your children to find their unique purpose in God’s plan. Just as Jesus valued the children’s presence, pray for your children to discover their calling and contribute positively to society.

Your Prayers Impact Your Children’s Lives

Remember, your prayers have a profound impact on your children’s lives. As you seek God’s guidance and protection, and as you pray for their faith, wisdom, love, and purpose, you are actively investing in their spiritual growth and well-being. It’s a beautiful way to show your love and commitment to their journey through life.

Reflection Question

How can you incorporate these prayers into your daily life and make them a regular part of your routine in nurturing your children’s faith and well-being?

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Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week

This week on the Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast we witness Jesus welcoming the interruption of children, and encouraging us to have childlike faith. Each weekday we share hope and encouragement as we read and study the Bible together.

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