The Quiet Triumph of the Quiet King

#QuietKing #QuietTriumph #PowerOfHumility #PracticingQuietStrength #EmbracingSilenceReflect on the profound influence of the quiet king and the remarkable power of humility. Discover how to cultivate the quiet strength of Jesus in your everyday life, embracing silence as a source of empowerment and wisdom. Join us on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
The Quiet Triumph of the Quiet King


Reflect on the quiet triumph of the Quiet King and the power of humility. Learn how to practice the quiet strength of Jesus in your daily life through embracing silence and choosing your words carefully. Discover how true strength lies in humility and peace, and become a vessel of God’s love in a noisy and chaotic world.

Introduction: The Quiet Triumph of the Quiet King

Do you find it difficult to keep quiet? I have to admit, I often find myself unable to stop myself from saying something! I always seem to have an opinion, and I don’t mind sharing it!

In contrast, as we reflect on the events of Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, we are invited to contemplate the quiet triumph of the “Quiet King.” In a world bombarded with noise and distractions, the serene demeanour of Christ as he rode on a donkey teaches us about the power of humility and peace.

The Power of Humility

Jesus, the King of Kings, could have entered Jerusalem in a grand and majestic way, surrounded by a multitude of followers and accompanied by the sounds of trumpets and drums. However, he chose a humble donkey as his mode of transportation, demonstrating his humility and accessibility to all. In doing so, he showed us that true strength does not lie in pomp and circumstance but in humility and service.

As we navigate through our own lives, we can emulate this quiet strength by choosing to respond to life’s chaos with calmness and composure. Whether it’s a hectic day at work or a disagreement with a friend, we can ask ourselves, “How would Jesus respond?” This approach allows us to carry a sense of divine peace into our interactions and decisions.

Practicing the Quiet Strength

Embracing the quiet strength of Jesus is not always easy, especially in a world that values assertiveness and self-promotion. However, by intentionally cultivating a spirit of humility and peace, we can become more like our Saviour.

One practical way to practice the quiet strength of Jesus is by embracing silence. In the midst of a noisy and busy world, taking moments of silence and solitude can help us centre ourselves and connect with God. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or simply finding a quiet place to reflect, these moments of stillness can rejuvenate our spirits and remind us of the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Another way to practice the quiet strength of Jesus is by choosing our words carefully. In the heat of an argument or a tense situation, it can be tempting to respond with anger or harshness. However, by following the example of Jesus, we can respond with grace and kindness. This doesn’t mean avoiding difficult conversations or avoiding standing up for what is right, but rather approaching these situations with a spirit of love and understanding.


Take a moment to reflect on your own life. In what situations do you need to embrace the quiet strength of Jesus? Is it in your interactions with coworkers or family members? Is it in the way you handle stress or disappointment?

Once you have identified these areas, think about how you can practice the quiet strength of Jesus in your daily life. Is it through intentional acts of kindness and service? Is it through seeking moments of silence and solitude? Is it through choosing your words and responses with love and grace?

Remember, the quiet triumph of the Quiet King teaches us that true strength lies in humility and peace. By embracing this quiet strength and practicing it in our daily lives, we can become vessels of God’s love and bring peace to a noisy and chaotic world.

Reflection Question

In what situations do you need to embrace the quiet strength of Jesus, and how can you practice this in your daily life?

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