How to Listen to God in Prayer: Being Ready to Say Yes

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how to listen to god in prayer
Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
How to Listen to God in Prayer: Being Ready to Say Yes


Learn from our bible podcast on how to listen to God in prayer, and be ready to say yes to his calling.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear God’s voice? To have a direct line of communication with the creator of the universe? In 1 Samuel 3:1-10, we find the story of Samuel, a young boy who learned the importance of being ready and willing to say yes to God when he speaks. This passage teaches us valuable lessons on how to listen to God in prayer and make him the top priority in our lives.

Setting the Scene

During Samuel’s time, the word of the Lord was rare and visions were infrequent. However, one night, as Samuel was lying down in the temple of the Lord, he heard a voice calling his name. Thinking it was Eli, the high priest, Samuel ran to him, ready to serve. But Eli realised that it was God who was speaking to Samuel and instructed him to respond, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

Being Ready to Say Yes

Samuel’s immediate response to God’s voice is an example for us all. It shows us that we should be prepared in advance to say yes to God whatever he asks of us. Are we ready and willing to listen to God’s voice and follow his guidance? Or are other things crowding out the space to hear him?

Life can be busy and demanding, often leaving us little time for quiet reflection and prayer. We may find ourselves preoccupied with work, relationships, or personal ambitions. But if we truly desire to listen to God, we need to make hearing from him our top priority.

Making God the Top Priority

When we make God the top priority in our lives, we create space for him to speak to us. It requires an open mind, a willingness to set aside time for prayer and meditation, and the courage to say yes to God whatever he asks of us.

How to Listen to God in Prayer

Prayer is not just about talking to God; it’s also about listening. It’s about creating a space where we can hear his voice and receive his guidance. When we prioritise listening to God, we position ourselves to receive his wisdom, direction, and comfort.

Let’s join together in prayer for an open mind, for time to listen to God, and the courage to say yes to him whatever he asks of us. May we be like Samuel, ready and willing to respond, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”


Listening to God in prayer is a lifelong journey, but it is one that brings immense joy, peace, and fulfilment. When we prioritise hearing from him and saying yes to his call, we align ourselves with his divine purpose for our lives. Let us make a conscious effort to create space for God in our busy lives, and may we always be ready to say yes to him whatever he asks of us.

Reflection Question

Is hearing from God the top priority in your life, or are other things crowding it out? Are you too preoccupied to hear God’s voice? Take a moment to reflect on your current priorities and ask yourself if you are making enough time to listen to God in prayer.

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