Set Apart Scripture: Finding God in Divine Encounters

Venture with us on a spiritual journey through our latest Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast episode, "Set Apart Scripture: Finding God in Divine Encounters". Explore how the 'set apart scripture' helps open up a unique panorama of faith and enlightenment. 🗺🙏 Find compelling stories, experiences, and reflections that unravel divine mysteries. Let's be a part of a community that believes in sacred spaces and divine encounters. Hashtags: #SpiritualBlog #DivineEncounter #SetApartScripture #FaithJourney #SacredSpaces

Set Apart Scripture Open Bible
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Battle Drill Devotional
Set Apart Scripture: Finding God in Divine Encounters


Discover the profound connection between set apart scripture and divine encounters.


Welcome to today’s Bible devotional podcast, where we’ll explore the concept of “thin places” and how they remind us of God’s unique presence in our lives. Our inspiration for today comes from Exodus 33:12-23.

Exodus 33 – Set Apart Scripture

In this passage, Moses fervently seeks God’s presence as he leads the Israelites. He understands that God’s presence is what sets them apart from the nations around them. These moments, where the presence of God is tangible and real, are often referred to as “thin places.” These are times when the boundary between heaven and earth seems to blur, allowing us to experience the divine more intimately.

God’s Presence Sets Us Apart

Thin places can be a sunrise, the laughter of a child, or the stillness of a quiet forest. In these moments, we feel God’s presence and realize that we, too, are set apart as His people.

Reflection Question:

  • Have you experienced a “thin place” in your life? How did it remind you of God’s unique presence and your role as one of His chosen people?

Battle Drill Daily Devotional Podcast This Week

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