Choose to Follow Jesus: Sacrifice, Service and the Path to Peace

#ChristianBlog #ChooseToFollowJesus #FaithJourney #ChristianService #SacrificeTo follow Jesus is to experience a bond of love like no other. It's a call to sacrifice and service that brings about a sense of fulfillment unmatched by worldly pursuits. Our daily devotional podcast episode, "Choose to Follow Jesus: Sacrifice, Service and the Path to Peace" captures the beauty of this path and the joy that choosing to follow Jesus imparts. Learn about deepening your faith, deriving strength from sacrifice, and the fulfillment found in serving others. Join our community of passionate believers today.

Choose to follow Jesus
Battle Drill Devotional
Choose to Follow Jesus: Sacrifice, Service and the Path to Peace


Experience the profound power of choice, choose to follow Jesus and delve into a journey of selfless service and sacrifice.


Jesus calls us to follow him, not as mere spectators, but as active participants in his mission of love and compassion. In Matthew 9:27-38, we see Jesus demonstrating his authority and power through healing the blind, the mute, and the paralysed. He doesn’t force anyone to follow him, but he extends an invitation to all.

We Can Choose to Follow Jesus

As we read this passage, we are reminded that Jesus doesn’t draft us into his service, nor does he coerce us into following him. Instead, he invites us to join him willingly and wholeheartedly. He calls us to imitate his ways of sacrifice and service, just as he selflessly gave himself for the sake of others.

An Open Invitation to All

Jesus’ call to follow him is not limited to a select few. It is an open invitation for all people, regardless of their background or social status. Everyone is called to choose to follow Jesus. He calls the blind, the mute, and the paralysed – those who are often marginalised and overlooked by society. He calls us to show compassion to those around us, to reach out to the hurting and broken, and to be agents of healing and restoration.

What Will We Choose?

Our response to Jesus’ call is a personal choice. Will we choose to follow Jesus in his mission of love and compassion? Will we be willing to sacrifice our own comfort and convenience for the sake of others? Will we imitate his selflessness and servant-heartedness?

Reflecting on Matthew 9:27-38, we are confronted with the question: What is our response to Jesus’ call? Will we choose to follow Jesus? Are we willing to step out in faith and follow him, embracing a life of sacrifice and service? Let us prayerfully consider how we can imitate Jesus’ ways in our daily lives and make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Reflection Question

Are you willing to choose to follow Jesus today? What acts of service or sacrifice will you do for him during your day?

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