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Don’t Mention the War!

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Sometimes we might wish Jesus hadn’t talked about money. But he did. So we must too. Jesus longs for us to find financial freedom as we build the future with him.

Don’t Preach on That!

Actually, if Basil Fawlty were in church today, he might shout, “Don’t mention money!” Of all the things we wish people wouldn’t preach about, I suspect high on many people’s lists would be money! The difficulty I have as a preacher though is that the Bible has a lot to say about our finances. Jesus spoke about money almost as much as he talked about the Kingdom of God! We can’t really avoid it!

Perhaps one of the reasons why we wish the Bible or the preacher didn’t mention money, is that the perception is that it is always negative. As soon as the sermon starts we’re on our guard expecting to hear: don’t spend your money on that shiny new car or latest gadget, or another handbag or pair of shoes! But there are many positive reasons the Bible speaks about money. Chief amongst them is that God wants us to be financially free rather than slaves to our money. After all, it is a gift from him – it’s hardly a gift if it shackles us!

Finding Financial Freedom

In our Battle Drill devotionals this week we’ll be looking more closely at the financial freedom God wants for us as his Future Builders.

Take a moment just now to pray that God will open our hearts and minds to what he has to say to us. It is likely that for some of us, our natural reaction will be raise the drawbridge and shield ourselves from what he might want to say to us about our finances. But with his help, we can find the financial freedom he longs to bring us.

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Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash