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Take in the week’s best Christian leadership blogs, bringing you closer to your faith and goals!


Keeping abreast of the diverse and dynamic realm of the best Christian leadership blogs can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re seeking spiritual insight, leadership wisdom, or practical productivity tips, the digital sphere is saturated with content. Yet, amid this sea of information, I’ve taken on the task of sifting through the surplus to bring you the most enriching, engaging, and enlightening reads.

Every week, I find myself drawn to an assortment of blogs from leaders who are making significant strides in their fields, leaving indelible traces in the Christian community. Collectively, these individuals represent some of the best Christian leadership blogs that I’ve had the pleasure of exploring. These online spaces are more than just repositories of information; they are conduits of wisdom, hope, and inspiration aimed at empowering Christian leaders to step up, stand out, and shine brightly for God’s glory.

This week, I’ve once again combed the internet to cherry-pick a selection of compelling posts from some of the best Christian leadership blogs. These handpicked entries are not just noteworthy for the depth of their content, but also for the practical tips they provide towards improving productivity and leadership skills within a Christian context. Embark on this spiritual journey with me, as we get inspired, enlightened, and challenged to grow as Christian leaders.

This Week’s Best Leadership Articles:

Best Christian Leadership Blogs 1: quickpoint: Responsibility Develops Power by Michael McKinney

Michael references an essay by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1908, but which is still so relevant today. His premise? That it is responsibility that leads to leadership growth.

Best Christian Leadership Blogs 2: Feedback: Solving the Most Common Failure in Leadership by Dan Rockwell

I must admit to a certain amount of fear when it comes to seeking feedback on my leadership. But Dan reminds us it is essential for self-development in leadership. I have been reminded to prioritise my annual leadership feedback survey!

Best Christian Leadership Blogs 3: How to Lead a Senior Leadership Team That Works by Tony Morgan

Tony suggests five changes to make to strengthen your church’s senior leadership team. I was particularly drawn to the idea of making meetings about the big rocks (vision) rather than the small rocks (tasks) and about cultivating relationship with and within the team. Definitely worth a read!


While there are many blogs out there, trust us when we assure you that these Best Christian Leadership Blogs from this week promise a spiritual, personal, and leadership growth that is integral for your journey. After all, it’s not just about leading, its about leading with principles at the helm. 

As we venture into the digital realm of faith-based leadership blogs, let’s appreciate the value added enriching our spiritual and leadership facets. Abundantly more is the treasure found therein – a blend of wisdom and inspiration rooted in the Bible. This is the essence of the Best Christian Leadership Blogs. We believe that there’s a profound message waiting for you to discover in each blog post. So take a moment, click on that link, open your heart and mind to the wonderful world of Christian leadership.

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