The Power to Change: The Freedom You Desperately Need

The power to change is found in God's freedom, which gives you the power to say "no" to harmful things, and "yes" to good things.

power to change
Battle Drill Devotional
The Power to Change: The Freedom You Desperately Need


Do you ever feel imprisoned by the desire to do wrong and the failure to do the right thing? How can we break free from this prison life?

The Power to Change: The Ability to Say “Yes” to Good Things

When it comes to the power to change, freedom does not mean no rules or no limits. True freedom is when God gives us the ability to say “yes” to the things that are good for us and “no” to the things that are not. Freedom means the ability to say “no”. If you can’t say no, that can quickly lead to obsession with whatever you cannot say “no” to. It can lead to compulsive behaviour, and in the worst cases, to addiction.

The Power to Change: Only God Has the Power

If there are things you have tried to change in your life, or about yourself, and you have reached the point where you realise you don’t have the power to go through with such changes, then a life in Jesus Christ is the answer. Only God has the power you need to make the changes you most desire.

The Power to Change: God’s Freedom to Do the Right Thing

God’s freedom gives you the power to say “no” to the things that harm you, and “yes” to the things that bring better health, increasing joy, and a life of significance and purpose.

God’s freedom is the power to do the right thing.

Think It Over

Think about the following:

  • Think about a time when you tried to change a bad habit. How did it go?

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