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Bible messages giving positive, practical encouragement.

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27: You Are Allowed to Enjoy Yourself!

This sermon encourages us that we are allowed to enjoy ourselves. Pleasure and the good things in life are gifts from God for us to enjoy. If it’s not a sin, then there need be no such thing as guilty pleasure. God wants us to find happiness in life!

26: The Source of Our Joy

This sermon, the second in our series, Happiness, reminds us of the source of our happiness. In our relationship with Jesus Christ we can find the power and hope we need to be joyful in the Lord in all circumstances.

25: Caring for Creation

This sermon for Harvest Sunday reminds us that God’s mission is to reconcile all things – the created world as well as human beings – to himself. And since our mission is God’s mission, we must do all we can to care for creation and to reconcile and …

24: Happy and Blessed

This sermon opens our new four-week series, Happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a universal longing for all humanity. But often we look for it in the wrong places. Jesus tells us that when we accept him as Saviour and leader of our lives, then God…

23: The Enemy of Connecting

This sermon concludes our series Connected. Today, we consider the Enemy of Connecting – the world’s systems and values. John tells us they can keep us from being connected with God and with each other.

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22: Small Groups, Big Difference

In this sermon, we explore the ways in which a small group of Christian friends can meet together to help each other grow in spiritual maturity and become more like Jesus.

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21: How Jesus Connected

This sermon looks at Jesus right at the start of his ministry. We see how he connected with others, gathering around him a small group to live life together. It changed them for the better!

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20: Designed to Connect

This sermon commences a new four-part series called Connected, looking at why we connect with God and with each other. Today we consider that we are Designed to Connect. God made us in his image to connect with him and to connect with others. There s…