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Productivity blog posts to equip you for personal effectiveness, especially in Christian ministry.

These productivity blog posts often focus on small changes in habits that can make a big difference to your personal effectiveness.

In these productivity blogs, I aim to provide you with tips that will help you get more quality work done and to reduce the amount of time you spend on unnecessary tasks.

There are productivity blog posts to help you set short term and long term goals, as well as deal with your daily to-do list, helping you to plan your time so that work on your most important priorities.

There are articles that deal with the art of delegating well, so that others benefit from increased responsibility, and you are freed to focus on what only you can do.

There are lots of productivity blog posts on how to reduce distractions, a big productivity killer in the workplace today. Learn how to leverage technology and engage with social media in ways that don’t leave you unfocused on and unengaged with the important work you have at hand.

Some of the productivity blog posts deal with discovering the best tools for a job, whether it’s managing tasks, planning your schedule, or dealing with things like email.

If you want to increase your personal effectiveness, then why not check out these productivity blog posts and try out a few of the tips and see if you can enjoy the benefits.

Prioritising Before God

Whilst I spend time in prayer at the beginning of every work day offering the day to God, I want to become more intentional about spending time before God with my to do list and discerning his priorities and not mine.