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You Learn Through Worship

Read Nehemiah 8:1-11. How are you at exams? Do you relish the opportunity to show your learning? Or do they make you sick with worry? Are you always the first to finish? Or do you run out of time?

Worship can help us become great students! How? Because worship tells us what is most important. Our world is full of information – many of us have mini computers in our hands in the form of smartphones and we have access to huge amounts of information. If you Google the word “student” for example, you have around 7,300,000,000 pieces of information to wade through!

When Nehemiah and God’s people completed the rebuilding of the walls around Jerusalem and met together to worship, their worship soon turned them into great students. As they listened closely to the Book of the Law, they quickly realised the most important thing they needed to know: they had strayed horribly from the laws God wanted them to follow. It left them mourning and weeping. But it also gave them the necessary information to put things right and soon they were able to celebrate with great joy and to begin celebrating the Festivals God laid out for them.

Our worship and study of the Scriptures help us learn more about God and his purpose for our lives. When we stand before God and face our final exam, he will ask us, “Did you learn to know me?”


Think about the following:

•          Do you think it’s possible to be well-educated but miss God’s purpose for your life?

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