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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
You Can Worship God Any Time and Anywhere

This week we focus on worship, one of the most important ways God uses to transform us.

Read Nehemiah 8:1-11. Where do you worship? I guess most of us who are Christians have been conditioned to answer that question with the name of our church or Salvation Army corps.

But think about it for a moment. Is church or a Salvation Army hall the only place you can worship God? Of course not! We can worship him at any time and anywhere.

When God’s people returned with Nehemiah to the ruins of Jerusalem to rebuild its walls, they had no building to worship in. The temple had been destroyed. When they completed the work on the walls, they gathered together instead at the square by the Water Gate. It didn’t matter. It didn’t stop them from worshipping God!

You certainly don’t have to wait until you are in church to worship God! He will accept your worship at any time and anywhere. You can worship God at home. You can worship him in the shower. You can worship him at your desk. You can worship God in the garden. You can worship washing the dishes (or loading the dishwasher!). You can worship him whilst you’re driving (just don’t close your eyes to pray!). You can express how much you love God at any time and anywhere. Where will you choose to worship him today?


Think about the following:

•          How often do you sing in worship and love to God? Where and when could you do it?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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