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Read Deuteronomy 30:15-20. “God’s in control. I’ll let him decide”. Have you ever thought or said that? Like God is some kind of Magic 8-Ball who will make a choice for you, if only you give him a shake!

The Bible teaches us life is not like that. Whilst God planned our existence – when he would create us and the number of days we would spend on the earth – and has a purpose for our lives, neither are automatic. God gives us choices to make.

God wants us to choose whether to love him or not. He gives us the choice to accept his gift of salvation or to reject it. We have the choice to obey him or to disobey his directions in life. We can choose to accept his purpose for our lives or to try our hand at what we want to be and do.

Even as God led his people to the brink of crossing over to the Promised Land he had given them, he made it clear through his servant, Moses, that they had a choice. They still had to choose between life and death, between prosperity and disaster.

God wanted his people to enjoy the Promised Land he was ready to give them. But he wanted them to make the choice. In the same way, he gives us the choice: do we want to escape the slavery of sin? Do we want to experience the freedom he longs to give us? The choice is ours. The Israelites had to choose to love God, obey him and commit their lives to him. You and I have the exact same choice to make.

God gives you the choice between life or death. Which will you choose?


Think about the following:

•           Can you think of a promise of God that came true because you chose to follow and obey him?

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