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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Where to Find Happiness and Security

Read John 4:1-38. Are you satisfied with your life? Or do you find yourself hungering and thirsting for something else? The world offers several ways to satisfaction, but often they leave us wanting something more.

Watch any advert break on your television and will find a list of things that will make you feel happy and secure. It might be a takeaway. It might be a new brand of perfume or aftershave. It could be a new car or a new gadget. It might be a complete change of wardrobe. It could be the promise of untold riches if only you part with a little money for a good cause.

Jesus tells the woman at the well that the problem with these things is that, ultimately, they come up short. They are like water: they may quench your thirst for meaning for a while, but soon you will be thirsty again.

Jesus says that only he – the Living Water – can satisfy our hungry and thirsty souls. When we come to him, it is like coming home. We will never hunger or thirst again. Jesus satisfies that desire every one of us has – whether we know it or not – for God’s presence.

This Living Water – this sense of happiness, security, of wholeness – is available to you and me today. Maybe it’s time for you to come home to Jesus today?


Think about the following:

•What did you thirst for before you met Jesus? If you haven’t met him yet, how do you quench your thirst?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

Hi - I'm Rob. I'm married to Gail and we have a handsome, cheeky cocker spaniel called Harley. I am a Christian leader, pastor and preacher. I am a Salvation Army officer leading a congregation in the south of England. I am a leadership and discipleship blogger and daily devotional podcast host.