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Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

Read Matthew 7:21-23. One of my favourite Christian songs is Frances Ridley Havergal’s, “Who is on the Lord’s side”? It reminds me that following God is a choice, a stark choice: I am on the Lord’s side, or not? There is no middle way.

We can only be loyal to one kingdom: either God’s or our own. We cannot serve both. When God’s will is central in our lives, when we are living for his purpose alone, then the Kingdom of God is apparent.

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of thinking the Kingdom of God is what will happen at the end of the world. We make it heaven. When we do so, we are apt to putting our trust in the world instead, at least for this life. But the Kingdom of God is always now and not yet. We can be part of the Kingdom of God today. We can do what we can to ensure we are doing the work and will of God in our lives today.

When we truly say, Come, Lord Jesus, then we let go of trusting in worldly idols. Our worth is given to us by God, and we can live in freedom. Let’s embrace the Kingdom today.


Think about the following:

•What “kingdoms” might you need to let go of to fully enjoy the Kingdom of God?

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