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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
When Temptation Attacks, Use These 4 Spiritual Strategies to Stand Strong (Part 2)

Read Genesis 2:15-17 and Genesis 3:1-7. How can we resist temptation? By following four simple guidelines. We looked at two yesterday, and today we study two more:

Say No when confronted with what we know is wrong: Have you ever told yourself you couldn’t help it? I know I have. The problem is that’s a lie. How do I know? Because God’s Word says we will never be tempted beyond what we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). God will always give us a way out. He will always give us the opportunity to say “No.”

Saying no can be painful. It can even be embarrassing at times. But it is the first step to winning the battle of temptation in your mind. Satan is shrewd. He’ll use all sorts of weapons to attack you. He can suggest the wrong things are good, pleasant, and desirable. He can get you to rationalise that the wrong things are harmless and that you are entitled to say yes to them. We need to be ready to say a firm “no” as soon as Satan comes scheming.

Hold firmly to God’s Word: God’s Word is a sword. A sword that can puncture any puffed-up temptation Satan might put in your way. A sword is no good if it stays in its scabbard. Your Bible is no good if it stays on your bookshelf, or even on your desk. What happens when you’re away from it?

It’s not very practical to carry your Bible everywhere with you, although those of us who have the Bible on our smartphones might come close. What is much better is to learn to memorise Scripture. That way we have it to hand when we need to brandish it in front of some temptation.

These guidelines will all help to resist temptation. They can be used in combination, as the temptations arise. As we use them, we can strong against sin and become more like Jesus.


Think about the following:

•        What could you do to start memorising Scripture?

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