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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
When Discouraged, Let Your Friends Help

This week we discover that discouragement is curable!

Read Nehemiah 4:1-15. Do you ever get discouraged? I know I do. It can affect me in many ways. We are going to look at four of them this week and some of the cures for discouragement.

When I get discouraged. I get tired. Like the people of Judah, I start complaining! I’m tired. There’s too much to do. This work is too hard. I’m never going to get it all done. Do you ever feel like that?

When you feel tired and discouraged, you need your friends to encourage you. The people of Judah’s response to their tiredness was that they all returned to working on repairing Jerusalem’s walls (v.15). The encouraged each other and then did the work together.

Your friends will encourage you when you get tired and discouraged. They are the ones who will have faith for you when your faith is done. Trying to handle discouragement by yourself will leave you more tired, more stressed, and even more discouraged. Your friends are the ones who will carry you through it, knowing that God is with you. Isn’t that encouraging?


Think about the following:

•          Who supports you when you are feeling tired and discouraged?

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