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Today’s Battle Drill Devotional: Weed Out the Distractions


Read Luke 8:4-15. “Sorry, what did you say? I wasn’t listening!” How many times does someone have to repeat something to you because you were distracted by something else? The same is true with God. If we are constantly distracted by our worries, or our plans or our activities – from television to the internet, to our mobile devices – then we will never hear what God has to say to us.


Jesus speaks about the seeds that fall amongst the thorns and are choked by them, explaining this is like those who are too busy worrying about tomorrow, or making money and having fun to listen to God.


Worry pulls in different directions. When we’re filled with anxiety and our nerves are stretched to the limit, it’s difficult to hear what God is saying. We can be so busy making a living that we have no time for God. It takes all our energy to put in long hours at work, arrive home exhausted, fall into bed, and then get up at dawn the next day and do it all over again. Sometimes, we’re so busy doing what makes us happy – having fun and getting on with our lives – that we forget God altogether, even though he would love to be involved in our fun.


As any gardeners will know, it’s easy to grow weeds. It takes no effort at all! If we make no effort to listen to God, then it will be easy for the weeds of worry, busyness, and the pursuit of pleasure to grow and strangle our spiritual lives to death.


Is it time for you to do some weeding so that God can get through and produce a huge harvest in your life?



Do you know what is most important to you in life? Do your calendar and bank statement agree?

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