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Read Ecclesiastes 4:7-12. Have you ever wished you could escape people – especially the ones who wind you up – and be alone? Have you ever thought you’d be a better Christian if it were not for other people? The problem I’ve discovered is this: I can get angry, even when I’m by myself. I can have negative thoughts about a situation without help from anyone else! I can sin, even when I am all alone.

The problem isn’t other people; it’s me! In fact, God has designed the world so that other people can help me be the best I can be. We need each other to help us break free from our pain, our bad habits and our hang-ups.

The truth is we need each other to grow. The church is a laboratory for testing out how the fruit of the Spirit is growing in us. If you want to grow more love in you, then find someone you think is unlovable to love. If you want to be more patient, then spend time with someone who tests your patience. If you want to become more kind, then find someone who fails to return your kindness. That’s how you grow! We are called to Love God and Love Others. As we help each other to grow we become better at doing both of those things. Let’s help each other to be faithful to God’s purposes for our lives.


Think about the following:

•           What is one specific way you could help someone in your church to Love God and Love Others today?

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Rob Westwood-Payne

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