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Unhealed Wounds Lead to Unhealthy Habits

Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Unhealed Wounds Lead to Unhealthy Habits

Read Mark 3:31-35. When you look back at your family, you may challenge me and suggest that it has not passed on any unhealthy habits or patterns of behaviour. Or you may feel that your family are so messed up, there is no hope of breaking free and moving forwards.

The truth is that all families are broken and fallen in some way, because all human beings are broken and fallen to some extent. There are no perfect families with perfect parents because only Jesus was perfect! Most parents do the best they can in bringing up their children, but as we have been reflecting this week, it’s likely they were passed unhealthy habits and patterns of behaviour by their parents. It is no reflection on them or us or on their love for us.

But if we are unwilling to go back to move forwards, then our unhealed wounds open us up to habitual sin against God and against other people. The good news is that if we do face up to our past, then in Christ we can emerge from it free, more whole, and newly alive in him.

Our family is part of God’s plan for us. Even the most painful family experiences are part of our total identity. The more we know about our families, and the more we find out about ourselves as we go back to move forwards, the more we can decide – with God’s help – what to keep and what to let go.

And we don’t do it alone. Our Christian family can help us. Wise friends, a mentor, our officer, or pastor, or even a therapist or counsellor can all help us on this journey. Are you ready to go back to move forwards?


Think about the following:

•          What challenging work of discipleship might you have to undertake?

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