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Today’s #BattleDrill: Today’s devotional may seem very difficult. When we’re in a crisis, the last thing we feel like doing is thanking God! #salvationarmy #basingstoke #devotional

But this is not about thanking God for the crisis. This is about thanking God for who he is in our crisis. We thank him for his love. We thank him for his promises. We thank him for bringing us through difficult circumstances before.

Why is this important? Because thanking and praising God changes our perspective. When we remember that he loves us, when we recall that he is for us, not against us, when we think about the many promises he has made, and when we consider just how many crises, he has brought us through before, then suddenly our crisis begins to look a little smaller. Or, at the very least, we remember that our God is much bigger than any crisis we face.

Our God is a faithful God. He will continue to love, lead and guide us through whatever crisis we face. He won’t abandon us. We simply have to trust him. When we pray to him, thanking and praising him for who he is, shows God we trust him. How could you show God you trust him today?

Think about the following:
oHow hard is it to thank and praise God in the middle of a crisis? What are some of the things you can be thankful for in the midst of difficult circumstances?

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