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Read Matthew 22:34-40. “Come let us all unite to sing: God is love!” (Anon, SASB 8). “God’s love is wonderful, Wonderful that he should give his Son to die for me” (Sidney E. Cox, SASB 25). “Great is thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see” (Thomas Obediah Chisholm, SASB 26). “God’s love is sufficient for me” (Anon, SASB 24). “Ours is not a distant God, remote, unfeeling” (John Gowans, SASB 10). Our Salvation Army Song Book is full of words of affirmation and love to God.

Our words are powerful communicators of our love for God. We can use great prose and poetry – either from ourselves or from others – or we can find simple, straightforward ways of affirming our love to God. He’s more than happy to accept “I love you, Lord” if it is sincerely meant and from the heart.

Why not take some moments today to find a song or verse yourself that speaks of God’s love. Try to find one that focuses on who God is, rather than just on what he has done for us. This isn’t always easy, because the two are linked. Read or sing these out to God. Or if you’re feeling creative why not write your own love song to God. If you need inspiration and help in expressing emotions to God in a suitable manner, turn to the Psalms. It doesn’t matter whether your song rhymes or fits to a tune. What is more important is that it expresses the truth and that it expresses your love for God.


Think about the following:

oWhich song words have had the most profound impact on you in helping you express your love for God?

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