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Battle Drill Devotional
Battle Drill Devotional
Spend Quality Time with Your Father

Jesus tells us that the two greatest priorities for his followers are to Love God and Love Others. This week we explore five diverse ways we can do that.

Read Matthew 22:34-40. When was the last time you gave God your focused attention? There are so many things to distract us! Other people, entertainment and technology can all get in the way. But spending focused time with God is a powerful way to communicate you love him.

Having a quality conversation with God takes time and focus. It gives us an opportunity to really listen to what God has to say to us. You may reply that God has never spoken to you. But have you ever truly and properly listened for him?

God speaks to us through his Word. Maybe God has something specific to say to you through today’s reading. You will only catch it if you are focused on what you are reading and listening to.

God speaks to us through our difficulties. Often our problems can distract us from God, but if we pay attention to what is happening and how we feel and how God is supporting and leading us through them, they can become powerful indicators of what God is saying to us.

God also speaks to us through his Holy Spirit. Sometimes, it’s a physical feeling – a knot in the stomach, a sense that you must act on something. Sometimes, people hear a voice that is unmistakably the Spirit speaking. However the Spirit chooses to communicate with you, it’s vital you are quiet and still enough to hear him!

Let’s find time to spend quality time with God today. Sit in your favourite armchair, or go for a walk, and focus on being with God. Don’t bring a list of requests, but focus on being aware of his presence, listening to him and responding to him.


Think about the following:

oWhat in your life detracts from spending quality time with God?

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